Ah Microsoft – Your Licensing Is Evil!

Monday, April 28, 2014 at 9:55 pm

amylI have spent the past couple of weeks looking into the new Microsoft licensing policies, and while I don’t understand everything that is going on, I have a better handle on it. A good part of what I’ve learned is off the record, but I have this on the record from Simon Hughes, program manager in Microsoft Business Licensing: “We do not see reimaging licensing policy as a source of revenue.”

Now what that means depends in part on your attitude toward Microsoft. If you simply don’t believe Microsoft you may come to one conclusion. For my part, after more than 20 years in this field, I have yet to have Microsoft tell me a direct untruth on the record. Like all companies, it will refuse to answer certain questions, or answer in a misleading way; but I have never had any suspicion that any Microsoft official, from Bill Gates down, has ever looked me in the eye and lied to me.

Thus, …

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J2EE – A Real Beauty

Tuesday, April 8, 2014 at 7:37 pm

j2eeIndustrywide support has made J2EE the de facto standard for building and deploying enterprise-scale Java applications.

“I don’t think any advancements [in the past year] can be viewed as positively as J2EE,” Rich Green, vice president of Java Software at Sun, said at the event. “Once again, we’ve raised the bar for how [Java] can work [in an open-standards environment].”

Eight of the nine vendors with fully compatible J2EE products were present at the event, lending support to Green’s comment.

“[J2EE means] customers have platform confidence,” says Jonathan Weedon, chief architect at Borland. “The standards are of high quality, but before J2EE, there hasn’t been a metric to measure [that quality]. That’s why compatibility tests are important-[they instill] confidence in the platform.”

Due to be released sometime this year, the next version of J2EE, J2EE 1.3, is a result of work done within the Java Community Process (JCP), a panel of vendors and licensees that gives partners more power to develop Java specs.…

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